Penne Tricolore / Tri-Color Tube Pasta

This tube-like pasta is shaped to enable as much sauce as possible to collect inside of it.

Penne may be served with a range of ingredients, however it fits best with denser sauces as well as dishes consisting of larger pieces of vegetables or meat and therefore, is often found in salads and casseroles.  A common dish which includes this type of pasta is the spicy penne all’Arabiata made with chilli, garlic and basil. However, thanks to the versatility of penne, one may be very creative when cooking with this pasta since it always tastes great.

Available as traditional, whole grain, tri-color or bio penne. 

500 g

Fusilli Tricolore / Tri-Color Spirals

The most popular addition to a range of dishes and salads and the perfect way to make any dish more exciting.

500 g

Spaghetti Tricolore / Tri-Color Spaghetti

The most popular type of pasta produced in three unique colours.

500 g