Farfalle Integrali / Whole Grain Bow-ties

This beautiful type of pasta originally comes from the Italian regions of Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna and is formed by pressing the two longer sides of a rectangular piece of dough into the middle to create the shape of a butterfly (“farfalla” in Italian) or bow-tie.

Thanks to their fancy bow-tie shape, farfalle add charm to any dish that they are used in. This pasta is ideal in salads since it works perfectly with larger sized ingredients, such as broccoli florets or pieces of chicken.

Orzo medium Integrali (Whole Wheat)

500 g


Fusilli Integrali / Whole Grain Spirals

The most popular type of whole grain pasta to include in a range of dishes and salads.

500 g

Penne Integrali / Whole Grain Tube Pasta

A popular, versatile pasta which fits to all kinds of dishes, for instance, with sauces or in salads. This whole grain pasta is perfect for anyone who is health-conscious and loves pasta!

500 g

Tagliatelle Integrali / Whole Grain Tagliatelle

Tagliatelle is a long and wide (8mm) form of pasta and is a classic in Italy. At first, tagliatelle was seen as an exclusive product and was only available for few people. However, this has changed with time and a large proportion of people around the world now enjoy this delicious pasta.

Tagliatelle is served well with heavy, dense meat sauces, but also tastes great with creamy sauces (e.g. Carbonara) or seafood. The alla Bolognese version encompasses the treasures of the Italian Emilia-Romagna region, the origin of both tagliatelle pasta and Bolognese sauce. 

500 g


Spaghetti Integrali / Whole Grain Spaghetti

The most popular type of pasta made from whole-grain flour which retains all of the most precious elements of nature.  

500 g