True al dente pasta – 100% durum semolina Find the products

Our pastas are made from 100% semolina which has been obtained from carefully selected grains of durum wheat (lat. Triticum durum), in order to give us the highest quality products. In contrast to ordinary wheat, durum wheat has a hard, glassy grain and an amber-yellow endosperm which results in the “al dente” structure of the pasta and gives the pasta its wonderful golden colour. Pasta produced from durum wheat is additionally rich in the vitamins and minerals that are essential for the effective functioning of the body.

Unique Mediterranean tomatoes Find the products

Our tomato products: tomato puree, concentrates, chopped tomatoes and whole tomatoes are offered in a range of different flavours and are made from fresh tomatoes which are grown in the warm, Mediterranean sun. Thanks to this, our products are extremely flavourful and nutritious. Moreover, by using low temperatures at first, our unique approach to processing a tomato enables it to preserve its fresh flavour, great texture and juicy red colour – all of its best aspects!

Greek olives Find the products

The olive tree originates from Europe, more precisely from Greece, and dates back to the third millennium BC. For the rest of Europe, olive trees only appeared thanks to the Romans who gradually introduced them to new members of their empire, such as Spain and France. This long tradition is perhaps the reason why Greek olives in particular are so tasty, ripe and juicy. We are proud to offer you excellent, green Halkidiki and Amfissa olives with a vast range of fillings. Black olives as well as the well-known, dark-purple Kalamata olives are the most exclusive of this Greek delicacy. Amfissa and Kalamata olives have both additionally been granted with the protected designation of origin (PGO) which is the most prestigious title that a product of great quality can obtain.

Extra Virgin i Pomace Olive Oil Find the products

In order for us to produce olive oil of the highest quality, a number of conditions need to be met. This includes: carefully selecting and picking ripe fruit from olive trees at the right time, appropriate and efficient transportation of them, and the quick commencement of pressing them into olive oil, in a hygienic environment. This is precisely how we achieve the best quality of our Extra Virgin and Pomace olive oil, with their unique and delicate flavour.

The original „Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP” Find the products

Our balsamic creams are made primarily from Modenese vinegar which has been granted with the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) title and therefore, we can assure that this unique and authentic, Italian product is of the highest quality.

The use of vinegar directly from the Italian region of Modena in our balsamic creams enables you to give your dishes a unique, exclusive touch. Melissa balsamic creams combine both sweet and slightly sour elements to enhance the flavour of any meat, fish, salad or dessert.

Greek halva Find the products

Our Greek halva is produced with passion for generations now and its exceptional taste is appreciated in the Mediterranean region. Halva is made from tahini sesame paste as well as white caramel and is rich in protein and calcium. It is perfect as a dessert or a snack along with coffee.