About Us

MELISSA KIKIZAS S.A. was established in 1947 by Alexandros Kikizas with the idea of transforming the food industry through the production of high quality products from authentic, Greek raw materials. Since then, the company’s mission has flourished rapidly for more than sixty years, with the aim of satisfying the dietary needs of its consumers by consistently providing high quality products.

The production of pasta and semolina from durum wheat is the essential feature of the company.  Every year, more than 100,000 tonnes of excellent quality durum wheat is processed. The production facility in Larissa (Thessalia region) is characterised by its vertically integrated production which forms a connection between the crops, mill and production line. It produces more than 50,000 tonnes of pasta per year which makes it the largest facility in the Balkans and one of the 10 biggest in Europe!

MELISSA KIKIZAS is now run by the third generation of the Kikizas family. It has become one of the most important food companies in Greece and has a significant share of exports to more than thirty-five countries across the world. Moreover, since the beginning of the 80s, the company has expanded its business through international partnerships and by successfully entering into food markets other than pasta.

Our philosophy and values

We are devoted to the values of our company; we continuously choose raw materials that guarantee exceptional quality of our products and which will provide safe and tasty food to our customers, contributing to a healthy diet. Since our company was founded, one of our main goals is to also be actively engaged in our society and the environment.

How do we achieve our objectives?


We truly acknowledge the value of our consumers – they are our priority. To adapt to our customers’ changing needs, we are constantly developing our products in order to offer products of the highest quality.

Our employees and partners

Our fundamental strength is our employees and partners. We greatly value individual work however teamwork is of the essence since we are convinced that cooperation and respect enable us to achieve our business objectives.


We place great importance on the training of our employees; the continuous improvement of skills and the broadening of knowledge is the driving force behind progress and innovation.

We support agricultural development

Since we are committed to using high quality agricultural products to produce our goods, we organise seminars with various educational institutes in order to inform farmers about the latest cultivation techniques and methods to enable them to grow crops of the best quality.

We care about the environment

We are aware that it is necessary to be extremely cautious when using the natural resources of our planet and therefore, we are committed to protecting the environment. Our goal is to adopt the best production methods in order to minimise the negative impacts on the environment.

We have a social responsibility

For decades now, our family business is fortunate enough to have extremely loyal customers and so, we feel that it is necessary for us to give thanks. Therefore, at least 2% of our profits are set aside every year to benefit our society in the form of donations, sponsorships and scholarships. We have donated significant amounts of pasta to more than 100 organisations that we have cooperated with and, along with this, we support a range of organisations that promote a healthy lifestyle.